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  • Cocktails

For the summer season, our Bar Tuileries relocates on our magnificent Terrace and welcomes you every day from 11am to 11.30pm!


Dive into the regal world of Empress Eugénie with our exquisite cocktail menu, inspired by her refined taste and elegance. Our carefully crafted selection, known as "Cocktails Bijoux", pays homage to her preferences and transports you to a bygone era of grandeur,  glamour and sophistication. Indulge in "L'élégante", a luxurious blend of Champagne, St Germain, white peach and cranberry capturing the essence of Eugénie's opulent lifestyle. For those seeking a bolder flavor, the "Diamant Hortensia" combines Ketel One vodka infused with Butterfly pea flower, Cointreau, violet, lychee and lime, evoking the Empress's spirit of adventure and allure. A multitude of other creations paying homage to the Empress are to be discovered at our Summer Bar...



+33 (0)1 44 77 10 47

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